Sunday, August 3

VMAA Challenge #2

Our second challenge of the night was hosted by Geeta (who also hosted our online chat). She chose Gray's Anatomy. The challenge: Make a card that has something to do with love: any kind of love!

By now I had given up on stamping live and played online while getting things for the boys when they needed help and answering their many questions. Next time I want to know something I'm going to have them start stamping first. As soon as they started I don't think they stopped talking till I told them they had to stop stamping at 9:00.

My cards first. I love the coffee set. It was my first ever A Muse stamp and I always seem to come back to it.

Dylan (8) is next. He thinks the hiker and Elzy are in love. I love how he drew a heart in between them.
Jake (6) thought about the love theme for a couple minutes before he decided to make tons of girls ( there are 7 more on the inside and back of the card). He was very adamant though that he didn't love girls but that girls loved love.
Lastly, we come to my husband, Patrick. Since we stamped after the kids went to bed. This was actually the last card he made. He combined sets to make and Mom and her baby.

I never knew I had such a creative family. We'll have to do this again sometime.

I'll post the rest of the challenges later. I've got to run now, Dylan has a scuba class in 20 minutes.



Geeta said...

How cool Lara! I love all of them!

Jennie M said...

Very cute cards, all of them!! The boys' cards with the Elybell and the hiker crack me up!! And your card is gorgeous!! :)