Friday, August 22

August Hike

I thought I would share some pictures I took from our hike last weekend. I have started to remember how much I used to love to take pictures. This month took us to Lee Canyon and we hiked the Upper Bristlecone Trail. This is a wonderful hike because it is not to steep at any one time.
Today was Open House for the older boys. It was nice to see our friends again, meet the new teachers and check out the classrooms. I think this will be a fun year.

I loved this tree at the peak of our trail. Peter and I called them "witch trees". There is just something about it that's different.

I'm going to try and be back tomorrow with something creative.
Till then, Lara


Geeta (craftyengineer/texaslonghorns) said...

What beautiful photos! Wish I was there ;)

Jennie M said...

These pictures are gorgeous Lara! You are talented! Thanks for sharing! :)