Sunday, August 3

Bonus Challenge

Whoo Hoo! I love the bonus challenge. This time is was hosted by the talented, JulieHHR. The show, Friends. The challenge to make a funny "friend" card. I am not funny at all, so at first I thought I might have to skip this one but then an idea. Is it funny?
Dylan decided to make funny people. Again they pulled out the essential ovals, who knew they could be kayaks, skateboards and monsters. He stamped them then drew funny faces and bodies. What a kid.
Can you see the lines between the trees and the bird and butterfly. Jake thought it was funny that his trees, etc were holding hands. Always thinking outside the box that one. I'm going to have to watch out for him.

Patrick's card may not necessarily be funny but I think it cute. Patrick is our Cubmaster so he thought the Hiker needed to take Santa's sleigh for a joy ride. Cool.

Talk to you later,


Jennie M said...

I thought this challenge was so hard! You all did awesome on it!! :)

Pamela said...

Gret job on the challenge by all of you!

I have left something for you on my blog -

Jennie M said...

Hey girl! I nominated you for the Brillante Blog award!! Hugs! :)

Ying said...

Nice job! Great to see that your children is so interested in crafting. Your children did a wonderful job on their cards.

Rhonda said...

These cards are SOO fun!! Love the sentiment with the bird upside down on the branch!! Very clever!! Your kids do great work too!!