Sunday, August 3


I should have known with a TV theme that Jennie's would be One Tree Hill. The goal... to use just one stamp. You could use it multiple times but only one stamp. I pulled out the scout because I have had Cub Scouts on the brain lately, I've been busy stamping cards for all the kids whose birthday's are this summer. So they get a little something special. This is quick and simple but I like it.
Dylan went with a flower stamp and stamped it over and over in different colors.

Jake, the ever creative one, went back to his go to stamp set, Essential Ovals. But this time he turned it into a skateboard then drew his own ramp. Why can't I think of things like this.
Patrick new exactly what he wanted to do. He stamped his image over and over all the while telling me how he just loves the clear stamps because he can see right through them. Yes, honey!



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Pamela said...

Great cards!

Jennie M said...

Very fun cards, all of them! You guys rocked my challenge!! Thanks so much for playing along!! :)