Wednesday, April 9

Use the force...

After much encouragement from my good friend, Jennie, I have entered into the blogging world. I hope you will be enchanted and inspired.
I thought I would start out by sharing one of my all time favorite cards. My oldest son had his eighth birthday recently and has been on a Star Wars fix since Christmas. What would the world be like without the Wii and Star Wars: Lego? In my house probably a lot quieter. So we just had to have a Star Wars party. We had some of his friends over, dressed up like Jedi and made light sabers. Then it was time for me to make Thank you cards. What to do? I seem to have been in a stamping rut lately and just couldn't seem to find inspiration. I decided to ask the boys if they had any ideas. My oldest announces, "How about a Jedi?". A Jedi?, I'm thinking while I stare at my shelf of stamps. Then finally inspiration. I have the cutest Pirate that with some creative coloring would be the perfect Jedi. And it worked! This finally pulled me out of my rut and back into the stamping world.
I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them.


Jennie M said...

Yay!!! Lara has a blog!! I am so glad that everyone will get to see your awesome creations! I love this card, and the party was a blast too! You forgot to mention that you *made* the super cute Jedi costumes that each kids dressed up in!! Congrats on being a blogger! :)

Rhonda said...

Oh my gosh!! How clever is this!! I never woulda thunk to turn this pirate into a jedi!! :D It's perfect! Love the outerspace bg too!!

Sounds like it was a fun party, Happy Birthday to your son!! :D