Sunday, April 27

Bonus: Happy Days

A Bonus challenge from the queen of A Muse, Linda.

Linda chose to inspire us with a word, "Weekend". Our weekends tend to be a bit chaotic. It was always the running joke while my husband and I were dating that we had trouble staying in the county for a whole weekend. Now that we moved to Las Vegas, where seemingly the whole state is one county, we have broken our habit of traveling but not of keeping busy. We run from baseball games, to soccer games, Play dates and parties. But the one thing that seems to dominate a whole day in our weekend is shopping. With three young boys I don't like to shop by myself with them. They like to run in all different directions and are constantly asking me for random stuff. So I save up all the big running around for the weekend when my husband is home and we can tag team the kids. Things always tend to run smoother when there is someone else there watching your back.


Lori Barnett said...

PERFECT for the bonus challenge :) Yep....gotta love it!

Jennie M said...

Super cute card!! I hear you with the busy weekends!! :)

Rhonda said...

This is perfect! Love the scalloped edges and layout!! :D