Thursday, July 17

Kid's Challenge

I just love that the challenge over on the A-muse-a-poolza blog this week is to make a card with you kids. My boys were so excited when I told them about it because they love to make cards and are always asking me if they can. I let them pick the stamps they wanted to use and let them loose with the colored pencils. I really like what they came up with.

This first one was designed by my oldest who is 8.

This next card was designed by my 6 year old. He loves the scouting stamps I picked up last month and is so excited to be starting Cub Scouts this year. I think it's cute that he paired them with the Eiffel Tower and had to draw in a mountain for the hiker.
This last one is by my youngest son who is 2. He wanted to be just like his brothers but can't quite grasp the concept of how the colored pencils work yet.

Hope you enjoy.


Jennie M said...

These are SO fun!! They all did great work on their cards! :)

Anonymous said...

so cute!!! tell them what a FAB job they did!